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You enjoy your job and your clients love you. But DOING your job is just part of being a business owner. You also have to RUN your business which means bookkeeping, reporting, and admin. You force yourself to do it, but you don’t like it, you miss deadlines, and your books are mediocre at best.

When you hire Cromwell, you save money by having high quality financials to make real-time decisions for your business that increase revenue and save you money. We also ensure that you don’t miss deadlines which means keeping the government happy and avoiding penalties.


We transform your daily business activity into comprehensive financial reports. Our services include recording transactions, tracking payables, receivables, and loans, and producing clean and timely financial reports.

Bill Pay

We make sure your vendors get paid on-time. We can post your bills and schedule payments all with an eye on your cash situation to avoid bounced checks. This keeps your vendors happy and you in business.

Sales Tax, Business License, & More

There are so many government agencies you have to file with, they all have different requirements and deadlines, and if you file late, you can be subject to penalties and interest.
We can help you file on-time and accurately for Sales Tax, City Business license, County 571L property tax, Alcohol Beverage Control license, Census reports, Statement of Information, 1099s, and more.

Payroll Service

We have a preferred pricing arrangement with ADP which means you get access to a high-quality payroll processor at a great price. Since we are integrated with ADP we can be sure that your retirement plan contributions get made on time, Workers' Comp audits are completed accurately, state tax rates get updated, S Corp payroll compliance items are handled properly, and your employee data gets posted accurately in your books.

Meet Our Bookkeepers

Bonnie Grenfell is a bookkeeper at Cromwell Tax & Bookkeeping


Bonnie has been a bookkeeper at Cromwell Tax & Bookkeeping since 2015. Prior, she was a claims adjustor for a national insurance company. Bonnie grew up in Petaluma and holds a B.A. in Psychology from University of California. She lives in Petaluma with her high school sweetheart, one child, and a cat. In her free time, she enjoys walking, reading, and gardening. Bonnie visits her daughter in Oregon and has just started traveling abroad. She loves her job at Cromwell Tax & Bookkeeping and caring for her clients.

Christine Shappy is the Bookkeeper and the newest member of Cromwell Tax and Bookkeeping


Christine is a valuable addition to Cromwell Tax and Bookkeeping team. With years of experience in self-employment bookkeeping, she expertly handles small business concerns. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature, traveling, and hosting exchange students. Christine has also created a welcoming home for animals, translating her passion into excellent care skills. We are excited to have her on our team!


A: Having a knowledgeable bookkeeper can help you avoid several potential problems. While it seems simple to place transactions into income or expense accounts, it is more complicated to do it correctly. Knowing exactly where and how to record transactions can save you money, and accurate reports can help you make good decisions about your business’ future.

A: Every business is unique and has their own specific needs. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the exact services that your business needs.

A: Tax preparation and bookkeeping go hand in hand. The tax preparer needs timely, accurate information to provide tax advice mid-year and to file accurate returns at year-end.

We do not do payroll in-house. We have a partnership with ADP which gets you high quality payroll processing at a discounted price.

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