• Do you find yourself needing to complete a fiduciary accounting but avoiding it because of the minutia of putting it together?
  • Does your client have in-home care but you aren’t sure if they should be on payroll or issued a 1099?
  • Do you need to prepare 1041 income tax returns but don’t have the experience or software to complete the task?

The role of a trustee, executor or conservator is complex, multi-faceted and comes with a lot of liability. You can rely on experts in the industry to help you complete the job in a timely, complete and thorough manner.


  • Helping your clients on the tasks that you enjoy and outsourcing the tasks you do not enjoy
  • The relief from relying on an expert for payroll, tax preparation and accounting
  • Being able to save your client money by outsourcing many of these activities at a lower bill rate than yours

Services for Fiduciaries

  • 1041 Returns
  • All state returns
  • Fiduciary Accountings
  • Payroll for in-home care
  • Final decedent returns

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