Has the Filing Deadline Been Extended?

There has been a lot of misinformation spread by the media and on social media regarding today’s announcement that the Treasury Department will be providing some type of tax payment relief or delay. As of this moment (and it could change minutes from now) the IRS has issued no official guidance; therefore, any details you have heard are premature.

I encourage you to continue the path of filing your return or an extension by April 15th. (We love extensions!)


Why should you file now?

  • If you have a refund, we want you to get your money, especially with the uncertainty out there.
  • If you owe, let’s figure out how much you owe and make a plan. At a minimum, you have until April 15th to pay, and it looks like there may be an extension to pay. We will know more (hopefully) in the next few days.

California has extended the deadline for filing and paying of CA tax returns to June 15th and may extend further depending on what the IRS does.

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