How much did I receive in stimulus money?

If you cannot find Notice 1444 that confirms your stimulus payment amount, you can view the amounts of your Economic Impact Payments through your personal IRS account.

You just have to register/login to your account and then go to the “Tax Records” tab to see the amounts paid to you. If you file Married Filing Joint, you will each need to login and find your separate amounts.

This is something that only taxpayers have access to.  Your tax preparer is not allowed to login to the account for you.

How do I get into my personal IRS account?

You can access your online account through a secure login at, or by going to and clicking on “View Your Account” and then scrolling down and clicking on the “Create or View Your Account” button.

First-time users must authenticate their identity through the Secure Access process. To learn about setting up your own online account, and what information you need for registration, you should go here:

If you previously created a Secure Access username and password for the Get Transcript Online, IP PIN, or ID Verify online programs, you can use the same username and password when accessing your individual account online.

Special note: a lot of people are unable to authenticate on the IRS website (your author included). So, don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. Plan B is to go back through your bank statements and try and find the amounts paid to you.

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