Tips and Tricks to becoming a “saver”

In our tax practice we are constantly talking about saving.  Saving for college (529 plan), saving for retirement (IRA), saving to pay for medical expenses (HSA), saving to pay for childcare (FSA), saving to pay property taxes (impound account), saving for surprises (emergency fund).  Some people are great at saving and for some, the struggle is real.

If you are having trouble getting your savings plans going, you are not alone!  That is why the Consumer Federation of America has named this week “America Saves Week.” This week is an annual event to encourage more Americans to save effectively. Their website ( provides tips and tricks for how to start and maintain healthy savings. From Feb 25th through March 2nd they have a different theme each day including:

  • Saving with a plan
  • Saving automatically
  • Saving for the unexpected
  • Saving to retire
  • Save the extra
  • Save as a family



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