Where is my stimulus check??!!!

The IRS sent a note out to tax preparers yesterday telling us that the Get My Payment system is operating “smoothly and effectively” and every tax preparer just laughed and laughed and laughed.. because we know that a very large percentage of the population who SHOULD be getting a payment is receiving a “Status Not Available” error when they check for their payment.

So, what are next steps?

  • Be patient – every eligible individual WILL get their money, but it may come anytime between now and August.
  • Be patient again – there is no one working in the IRS Call Centers so there is (literally) no one for me to call to find out where your payment is.
  • Check the system once a day – the database is updated daily so check every morning when you get up to see if the information has been updated, but no need to check more frequently than that.
  • Make other funding plans – the check will be helpful but it certainly won’t last long, especially in high-cost states like California.  So, if money is tight, now is the time to make other plans such as cutting costs, tapping your emergency fund, buying on credit, calling your lenders to see if you can get a delay on payments, tapping your retirement savings (PLEASE speak to your Enrolled Agent BEFORE you do this so we can talk through the impact), contacting the United Way or County Services for help, apply for unemployment benefits.



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